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Local Disaster Cleanup Franchise Celebrates “Making History” at SERVPRO’s 50th Annual Convention

8/2/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Local Disaster Cleanup Franchise Celebrates  “Making History” at SERVPRO’s 50th Annual Convention SERVPRO Celebrates 50 years in Business!

Industry leader in cleanup and restoration services welcomes a record-breaking group of franchise owners and key staff at milestone event

Speonk, NY (Grassroots Newswire) July 16, 2019 - SERVPRO of The East End's owner, Rich Fevola, recently joined a record-breaking group of more than 2,500 franchise owners, key team members, and corporate representatives at the 50th Annual SERVPRO® Convention. The event, themed “Making History,” was held from June 24-28 at the Sacramento Convention Center in Sacramento, California, where the company was founded.

“Celebrating our 50th anniversary milestone made the SERVPRO Annual Convention even more special this year,” said Fevola, owner of SERVPRO of The East End. “One of the most important benefits of attending this annual event is having the opportunity to network with and learn from other franchise owners and team members. That benefit was especially evident this year. SERVPRO’s long history as an industry leader has produced a network of experienced, seasoned professionals who have responded to emergencies across the spectrum. This knowledge base is invaluable both to our business and to the community we stand ready to serve when the unexpected happens.”

The company’s 50th Annual Convention was a celebration of the company’s history and a showcase of small business best practices and cutting-edge restoration and remediation technology. The event featured a variety of workshops and group sessions ranging across 37 different topics. Franchisees and their key staff gained knowledge and hands-on experience to help them build and grow their businesses and strengthen ties with both residents and businesses in their local communities. Highlights of the convention included a keynote address by motivational speaker Jon Gordon and an awards ceremony recognizing the achievements of top-performing franchisees.

“SERVPRO has come a long way since Ted and Doris Isaacson started the company as a painting business in Sacramento in 1967,” said Rick Isaacson, chief executive officer of SERVPRO. “In 1969, they used their cleanup and restoration background to take their new company in a different direction and never looked back. SERVPRO’s professional services network now includes more than 1,700 individually owned and operated franchises across the U.S. and Canada. Our annual convention brings this diverse group of entrepreneurs together to learn from industry experts and each other about the latest innovations in disaster cleanup, restoration, and remediation services. We are proud of each of these dedicated professionals and the world-class service they provide to their customers and their communities.”

For more information about SERVPRO of The East End, please call (631) 653-9595.


Founded in 1967, the SERVPRO Franchise System is a leader and provider of fire and water cleanup and restoration services and mold mitigation and remediation. SERVPRO’s professional services network of more than 1,700 individually owned and operated Franchises responds to property damage emergencies ranging from small individual disasters to multi-million dollar large-loss events. Providing coverage in the United States and Canada, the SERVPRO System has established relationships with major insurance companies and commercial clients, as well as individual homeowners.


How to Get Rid of Carpet Odor from Water Damage

7/29/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage How to Get Rid of Carpet Odor from Water Damage SERVPRO of The East End will have your carpets smelling fresh as clean to remove those musty smells from water damage.

Whether your home is completely covered in wall-to-wall carpeting, or you have opted just to carpet specific rooms in your house such as the bedrooms or the playroom, keeping those carpets clean and odor-free can sometimes be a challenge. Especially if you’ve suffered any kind of water damage.

Even the slightest bit of water can transform your once pristine, odor-less carpet into a hotbed of musty smells reminiscent of a high school locker room.

Following are a few conditions that may cause odors along with some useful information on how to eliminate those odors.

It Doesn't Take a Flood to Cause Carpet Odor

If you have ever experienced water damage, you know how important it is to contact water damage remediation professionals like SERVPRO of The East End quickly! With our training, expertise and equipment, we can quickly remove the water and moisture from the air, as well as start drying any carpets and rugs that may have gotten soaked. After 24-48 hours, water damage may become worse as mold begins to grow and destroy the drywall, carpets, framing, furniture, clothes, and beyond. This kind of mold damage is the worst-case scenario and will usually result in the carpeting needing to be replaced. 

In scenarios where your carpeting has a musty odor, there may be a chance of getting rid of the smell and saving your carpets from further damage. Unlike the scene above where the carpeting is completely flooded and soaked, in most situations with carpet odor, there isn't any visible water damage. There isn't water dripping down a wall or a wet carpet or a drip from the ceiling pooling on your carpet. Sometimes the carpet odor may be caused by someone spilling a cup of water or moisture from the basement floor underneath the rug. Even forgetting to hang up your bath mat after taking a bath can lead to a musty carpet odor from the bath mat. 

Why Does My Carpet Smell?

If you're paying attention, you may have noticed a constant in each of the scenarios we've discussed above. The constant is water whether it's from a dripping towel, a spilled cup, or condensation dripping off a water pipe. If your carpets get wet and are not dried quickly, they may start to smell. Going back to the bathroom, think about a damp towel. If you throw the damp towel into a pile on the ground, it may become musty after a day or two. But if you hang it up to dry, it will usually be fine the next time you use it. 

The same goes for your carpet. If the water and moisture in the carpet are not able to evaporate quickly and dry out, then it may become musty and smelly. The musty smell from your carpet is a strong indicator that mold or mildew is growing within it. If it is not treated, it can lead to premature decay and deterioration of your carpet and sub floor.

How Do I Get Rid of the Odor and the Causes of It?

If you smell an odor coming from a carpet, you can take a few steps to get rid of the odor. The first step is to absorb any excess water with a cloth or paper towel. Then open the windows or doors around the carpet to get fresh air circulating. You can then take some baking soda and apply it to the smelly area. The baking soda absorbs odors and is usually harmless to carpets. Vacuum up the baking soda after letting it sit for a day. 

If the odor persists, you can try a mixture of water and vinegar to try to eliminate the odor. Start with a mixture of one part distilled white vinegar to two parts water. You don't need to saturate the smelly area; you simply need to spray a fine mist over it and let it dry. This technique also works for fabrics like sofas and drapes.

If the Odor Persists, Call the Professionals

Ultimately, the  most effective way to get rid of carpet odors from water and mold damage is to contact SERVPRO of The East End. We have the tools, the technicians and the equipment to extract the water, dehumidify the air, and remove the odors from your carpet, carpet pads, sub floors, drywall, and framing. If you've tried everything to get rid of the odors and they keep coming back or are getting worse, you can trust SERVPRO of The East End. We will not only get rid of the odor, but we will find and address the source so that it doesn't happen again. Give us a call for all of your water, mold, and fire damage restoration needs. 631-653-9595. SERVPRO of The East End will also provide a thorough seasonal cleaning of your carpets, upholstery and drapes prior to any damage being done.

Post-Construction Clean-up

7/26/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Post-Construction Clean-up Sometimes the mess a construction or renovation job leaves is bigger than the job itself was. SERVPRO of The East End can take care of that mess!

Whether you are building a new commercial structure from the ground up, expanding on your existing property, or just taking on a long overdue renovation project, construction and renovation jobs can be lengthy, stressful and messy! What can be even more infuriating is that the mess these jobs leave are often bigger than the jobs themselves, further delaying the time required to get your business back up and running! That's where SERVPRO of The East End can come in! Post construction clean-up is just one of the many professional services we offer among our full line of specialized cleaning services. Our trained and certified technicians will bring the appropriate state-of-the art equipment and strategies to get the job done quickly, efficiently and "Like it never even happened."

Whether it's vacuuming, sweeping, deep cleaning, ordering, filling and removing dumpsters, or just a good wiping down, our team members will clean every inch of your newly finished project and make it shine for your opening day.  

As part of a national franchise system with over 1700 franchises throughout the United States and Canada, and over 50 years in the cleaning industry, SERVPRO of The East End knows how to deliver on our promise of outstanding results.  

For more information or to schedule your post-construction clean-up today, call 631-653-9595.

Hidden Damages From Severe Summer Storms

7/25/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Hidden Damages From Severe Summer Storms The roof may be the last place a homeowner is able to see damage from a storm, but it should be the first place you look for storm damage.

Homeowners and commercial property owners alike need to be vigilant with inspecting their property following a severe storm. There are hidden problems following such storms that may cause more damage if not located and addressed soon after the storm ends. 

Wind Damage Restoration
Severe summer storms that mark hurricane season often bring with them a severe amount of wind damage. Roofs in particular, often suffer a wide range of damages that may range from a missing roof to the individual asphalt tiles of the roof being torn away from their surface. This will often lead to water damage leaking through the roof to the home's interior. Because the leaks are coming from the roof, they are often difficult to detect until a great deal of damage has been done.

Wind damage may also loosen flashing, causing still more leakage weeks after a storm. Even a subtle roof leak can produce damp, moldy, toxic conditions inside the home. Obtaining quick roof repair may prevent long term interior damage. A restoration expert will assist clients in receiving comprehensive roof assessments and roof repair services when hurricane damage afflicts a property. Their expertise helps property owners address storm damage and roof damage quickly and effectively to produce the best possible results in preventing more damage than may be necessary.

Flooding and Recovery

Flood water frequently pose additional risks in coastal areas. Heavy rains can cause river flooding miles inland also. If the surrounding terrain cannot absorb ground water, runoff contributes to flood water. Even residents of mountainous areas sometimes sustain varying degrees of flood damage if frozen pipes rupture. Flood pump failures contribute to basement flooding and contaminated ground water in some locations as well.

Flooding may also disrupt municipal water systems. Experts need to assess ground water and evaluate the condition of pipes following flood damage. Hiring a storm restoration Company like SERVPRO of The East End may allow you to begin your cleanup process even before water restoration occurs. (Cleaning before water restoration often proves essential yet challenging). By relying upon a trained specialist, you'll usually obtain faster storm remediation. Our experts will suggest ways to help mitigate flood water damage in the future, for instance, by requesting backup flood pump installation.

For more information about storm remediation and clean-up, visit, or call us at 631-653-9595.

SERVPRO of The East End Mitigates Water Damage Quickly & Efficiently

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage SERVPRO of The East End Mitigates Water Damage Quickly & Efficiently Water spills can quickly escalate causing more harm to your property and potentially leading to mold, if not mitigated quickly and professionally.

Water spills can quickly escalate, causing severe harm to the contents and structure of your property. If that isn’t enough to scare you, microbial presence in water can create health concerns for people and pets in the home or lead to more extensive mold remediation requirements further down the line. Acting quickly in the wake of a burst pipe or attic leak is essential to containing potential damages. A professional service with highly trained technicians could help to mitigate losses and avoid expensive replacements.

Requirements to remove water damage can vary depending on the size and scale of the job at hand. However, using local services is useful in any size disaster because they reduce call-out times. SERVPRO of The East End has the resources to deal with larger scale restoration as well as minor issues involving water. Our technicians are IICRC certified and trained to act quickly to remove moisture from your home, mitigating against costly permanent harm to structure or contents.

Restorers working on a clean water emergency can enter your property, remove debris, possessions and conduct vital safety checks. These checks could include: alerting you to loose wiring, weakness in floors or ceiling as well as potential contamination hazards. SERVPRO of The East End provides personal protective equipment (PPE) to staff members allowing them to enter a flooded property safely, even where contaminated materials like raw sewage may be present.

A proper drying procedure needs establishing in the advent of a clean water emergency. If large amounts of water have migrated, we might set up smaller drying zones using physical barriers like plastic sheeting. These zones allow us to concentrate our drying efforts resulting in a smarter, more efficient service. Where large quantities of water are present throughout the home, SERVPRO of The East End mobilizes submersible gas powered pumps that transport water to nearby open sewer points. Once standing water levels drop below two inches, we can bring in water extraction units for targeted removal of residual moisture and pooling.

Our local service has access to national resources in the restoration of water-related property damages, contact SERVPRO of The East End at (631) 653-9595 for more information.

A Checklist for Preventing Home Fires

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage A Checklist for Preventing Home Fires Home and business owners depend on SERVPRO of The East End for fire damage repairs and fire restoration services.

According to U.S. government statistics, more than 4,000 people die every year in fires and more than 25,000 are seriously injured. Most of these fatalities could be prevented. Here’s a checklist of some of the ways you can help prevent a fire in your home and make your home safer:

•    Talk with your kids about the dangers of playing with matches, fire, lighters, and flammable liquids
•    Don’t leave the kitchen when you’re cooking (most home fires start on the kitchen stove)
•    Know and post your local fire department’s emergency phone number
•    Keep gasoline, kerosene, paint thinners, and other flammable liquids in appropriate containers and away from other flammable materials
•    Keep your garage and basement clear of trash, newspapers, and other combustibles
•    Don’t use flammable liquids like gasoline, kerosene, or benzene indoors
•    Make sure flammable liquids are stored in appropriate containers in a well-ventilated area
•    Safely discard cloths or paper towels used with flammable liquids, preferably outdoors in metal containers
•    Avoid plugging several appliances into one electrical outlet unless you use a UL-approved outlet with circuit breakers
•    Don’t use extension cords with heaters or air conditioners
•    Use smoke alarms throughout your home and test them regularly
•    Use caution with alternative heating sources like kerosene, wood, or pellet stoves
•    Use only the type of fuel that’s meant for these heating sources, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions  

If you must smoke, do so safely:
•    Never smoke in bed
•    Don’t leave the room with a cigarette burning in an ashtray 
•    Keep matches, cigarette lighters, and grill lighters in a locked cabinet
•    Never smoke when you’re drowsy, medicated, or reclining 
•    Make sure smokers have deep, sturdy ashtrays, and make sure cigarette and cigar butts are cold before you put them in the trash

If you do experience a fire, you can rely on the fire damage repair and restoration services of SERVPRO of The East End. We have restored many fire-damaged homes and businesses. You can also rely on us for smoke damage cleanup and odor removal. Our technicians are IICRC trained and certified and we have state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of The East End is available 24/7 for all of your emergency restoration needs. 631-653-9595.

The Do's & Don'ts Behind Pest Control

5/22/2019 (Permalink)

How can you safely solve your pest problems? The key is to be willing to ask questions. Learning about the pests you have and the options available to control specific pests is the first step.

Learn more about the steps you can take to safely control pests:

Try pest prevention first.

  • Remove sources of food, water and shelter.
  • Store food in sealed plastic or glass containers. Garbage containing food scraps should be placed in tightly covered trash cans. Remove garbage regularly from your home.
  • Fix leaky plumbing and don't let water accumulate anywhere in the home. Don't let water collect in trays under your house plants or refrigerator. Don't leave pet food and water out overnight.
  • Clutter provides places for pests to breed and hide and makes it hard to get rid of them. Get rid of things like stacks of newspapers, magazines, or cardboard.
  • Close off places where pests can enter and hide. For example, caulk cracks and crevices around cabinets or baseboards. Use steel wool to fill spaces around pipes. Cover any holes with wire mesh.
  • Learn about the pests you have and your options to control them.
  • Check for pests in packages or boxes before carrying them into your home.

Do safely and correctly use pesticides.

  • Keep pets and children away from areas where pesticides have been applied.
  • After preventive steps have been taken, you can use baits as a first line of chemical defense against insects or rodents.
    • These are often effective and can be used with low risk of exposure to the pesticide, as long as they are kept out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Other relatively low-risk pesticides are available for some pests. Consult your local cooperative extension service office for recommendations suitable for your area.
  • Pesticides not contained in baits or traps should generally only be applied to targeted locations, not sprayed over the whole room.
  • Use fogging devices only when absolutely necessary.
  • Always read and follow the pesticide label's instructions and safety warnings.
  • Use ready-to-use products (i.e., no mixing needed) whenever possible.
  • If you hire any outside persons to help control pests, ask them to find and correct the source of the problem before applying pesticides.
    • For example, you might have to repair a leaky toilet to remove a water source.
    • Ask them to use baits and crack and crevice treatments when feasible.
  • Only apply chemicals approved for use in homes.
    • The label will list where the chemical may be used.
    • Write down the name and EPA registration number of any chemical used by someone you hire. You will need this information if you decide to look up more information on the pesticide.
    • The pest control operator should be able to provide information about the chemical, such as the material safety data sheet.

Do dispose of leftover pesticides and pesticide containers properly.

  • Read the label to find out how to dispose of the pesticide and the container.
  • Many communities have household hazardous waste collections that will accept unwanted pesticides. Call your waste disposal authority for information about your community.

Don't use outdoor chemicals indoors.

  • Many chemicals intended for use outdoors are dangerous to use indoors because they will remain toxic longer inside than they would outdoors.

Don't assume that twice as much is better.

  • Always read and follow label directions.
  • Using too much of a pesticide can endanger your family's health.

Don't transfer pesticides to other containers.

  • Store pesticides in their original containers.
  • Only mix as much as you are going to use at one time if the pesticide must be mixed with water.
  • Don't use empty pesticide containers to store anything else.
    • Children and others have been poisoned by accidentally consuming pesticides stored in food or beverage containers. 
    • No matter how well you wash the container, it could still contain remnants of the pesticide and could harm someone.

Call SERVPRO of The East End for Cleanup and Restoration

Once you have exterminated, you will want to call SERVPRO of The East End at 631-653-9595 to effectively remediate and restore your property. We will even replace any insulation that has been infested. Because of the potential health risks, many home owner’s insurance policies may pay for cleanup and restoration. Check your policy provisions with your insurance agent.

Cleaning up after a pest infestation is not as easy as it seems. The decontamination of a home or business due to infestation can be dangerous.

Specialized experience and training is important when choosing a qualified cleanup company to resolve these problems. Protect the safety and health of your family, friends, customers, and business by having hazardous materials properly removed by the professionals at SERVPRO of The East End.

If you have any questions about pest cleanup on The East End of Long Island, call SERVPRO of The East End at 631-653-9595.


Five More Major Reasons Your Ducts Should be Cleaned

4/26/2019 (Permalink)

Cleaning Five More Major Reasons Your Ducts Should be Cleaned Air Ducts may attract debris and toxins from home renovations, unwanted animals and pets, all of which should be removed with regular cleanings.

In addition to the usual reasons for having your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis, following are five more reasons you would want to schedule this service:

  • Renovation:If your home has been remodeled – especially if a remodel included asbestos abatement, lead paint removal, or significant dust – your ductwork should be cleaned following the remodel. Ducts should be sealed off during home renovations. If they haven’t been sealed, dangerous dust and debris will quickly become lodged inside the ductwork.
  • Animals: If there is clear evidence of animal infestation or nesting in your ducts or HVAC system, have the animals removed then clean the ductwork and HVAC unit.
  • Mold: If there is visible mold growth inside your ductwork, the mold should be mitigated and followed by a thorough cleaning of the ductwork and HVAC system.
  • Contaminants: If noticeable debris, pet hair, odors, or other contaminants are being released into the room through the ducts after the registers have been cleaned and vacuumed; then the ducts may need to be cleaned.
  • Illness: If someone in your family is suffering from an unexplained allergy-related illness, and you’ve taken every other possible step to decontaminate your home, you may want to consider having your ducts cleaned to see if the HVAC system was the culprit.

 At SERVPRO of The East End, we have been cleaning air ducts for residential and commercial properties for over 40 years. Our team of professionals are IICRC trained and certified and we have state-of-the-art machinery to get the job done quickly and efficiently so you can get back to the business of your life. it is just one of many services we provide to keep you and your family safe. 

Call SERVPRO of The East End at 631-653-9595 with any questions or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you!

Five Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

4/3/2019 (Permalink)

Cleaning Five Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning What's Living In Your Air Ducts?

Keeping All of Your Ducts in a Row.

Do you notice little wisps of dust puffing out from an air duct every time you turn on your home's heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system? Can you see dust and pet hair trapped in the vent? Is there a layer of dust coating the grill on the return air registers? Any one of these signs may be indications that the duct work in your home or business is due for a cleaning.

Dust regularly collects inside your HVAC system on air duct surfaces, vents, motors, and coils. Flakes of dead skin, hair, and pet dander catch onto the dust, creating a build-up, and before long this process causes a dense, mat-like environment where bacteria, mold, dust mites, allergens and other toxins flourish. Air filters remove most of these from the air stream, but not all parts of the HVAC system. That's why it's important to periodically check the condition of your air ducts to see if they could use duct cleaning services

The Top 5 Indicators That You Have Dirty Ducts

1. Open one of your vent covers and look inside. Check to see if it contains any dirt, debris, or matted dust.

2. Examine the return air registers for dust buildup, particularly if you see thick, fuzzy coatings of dust. 

3. Pull out the air filter. If the air filter is clogged with dust, the air flow is being choked off. This allows more dust to settle and build up in the return ductwork.

4. Open the furnace compartment. Examine the blower fan and motor for signs of dust as well as the furnace controls. The more dust you see, the bigger the problem you have.

5. Look at the air conditioning coil. (You may need to remove a panel.) If the coil is dusty or has dust clinging to the housing walls, this is an indication that the air filter hasn't been working properly.

Any of these red flags show that your HVAC system and ductwork is being adversely affected by too much dust and dirt.

Top 5 Dirty Consequences

So what’s the trouble with a little dirt, you might ask? There are a number of problems resulting from dirty ducts, ranging from increased energy costs to health problems:

1. Dirt and dust restrict your HVAC system's heating and cooling. In winter, dirt-clogged heat exchangers cannot warm the air as efficiently. In summer, dirt-clogged condensing coils are unable to cool the air as well. These both increase the HVAC systems run time, requiring it to use more fuel and energy to heat and cool your property.

2. Dirt and dust restrict air flow. Let's say your system is doing a fine job of heating and cooling the air. If the blower fan or motor can't turn because of dirt, or the air filter is clogged with dust, then the system can't effectively circulate that warmed or cooled air throughout your property. It's going to run longer and use more energy.

3. The longer your HVAC system operates, the more wear and tear it undergoes. Long run times can shorten the overall lifetime of HVAC systems, from AC compressors to hydro pumps, burners, and motor bearings. You will wear out your home's HVAC system sooner.

4. Besides dirt, dust contains dead skin, pet dander, microorganisms from cat litter (toxoplasmosis), and other particles including: pollen, mold spores, fungi, and even rodent feces. Left to contaminate your HVAC system, it may become a breeding ground for bacteria, mites, and other pests. This greatly affects the quality of the air you are breathing, and ultimately affects your health.

5. Dirt and dust spread quicker in a home with dirty ducts. No matter how diligent you may dust and clean your home, fine particulate contaminates, including dangerous allergens, quickly flow from one room to the next covering tables, smart phones, and children's toys.

Top 5 Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

SERVPRO of The East End recommends having your ducts cleaned every 3 to 5 years to prevent maintenance and health problems before they start. Doing so will save money on your heating and cooling bills. Additional benefits include:

1. Better and reliable over-all performance from your HVAC system

2. Fewer repairs from wear and tear and longer HVAC system life

3. More energy efficiency, reducing your energy bills

4. Lower likelihood of respiratory and allergy problems.

5. Less dust makes it easier to clean and maintain your home's living space

We do not recommend you tackle this job yourself. This is not a do-it-yourself project you will be able to do with an inexpensive machine from your local hardware store. To get the job done right, you need to hire a professional Company that does this on a regular basis.

At SERVPRO of The East End, we have been cleaning air ducts for residential and commercial properties for over 40 years. Our team of professionals are IICRC trained and certified and we have all of the latest state-of-the-art machinery to get the job done quickly and efficiently so you can get back to the business of your life.

Call SERVPRO of The East End at 631-653-9595 with any questions or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you!

Winter's Not Over Yet!

3/4/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Winter's Not Over Yet! When storms hit the East End of Long Island, SERVPRO of The East End is ready 24/7.

The Northeast is still being hit by winter storms, as evidenced in the last week of snow. 

At SERVPRO of The East End, our highly trained crews are always ready to respond 24/7 to storm, flood and water damage along the entire coast of communities lining the East End of Long Island.

SERVPRO of The East End specializes in storm and water damage restoration.  Our crews are trained, certified and experienced and we use specialized state-of-the-art equipment to restore your residential or commercial property to its pre-storm condition.

Faster Response

Because we are locally owned and operated, we are able to respond quicker with the right resources, which is extremely important. A fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces the restoration cost.

Resources to Handle Floods and Storms

When storms hit the East End of Long Island, we can scale our resources to handle a large storm or flooding disaster. We can access equipment and personnel from a network of over 1,700 Franchises across the country and elite Disaster Recovery Teams that are strategically located throughout the United States.

Have Storm or Water Damage? 

Call SERVPRO of The East End 631-653-9595